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Privacy policy

The Isumi City Farm Stay and Inbound Promotion Council (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") will comply with laws and regulations concerning personal information and the personal information protection policy set forth below when handling personal information.

1. Acquisition, use, and provision of personal information
In addition to properly acquiring personal information handled through business and the personal information of engaged employees, we will handle personal information appropriately within the scope of use of personal information determined through business activities, We will not provide it to third parties without your consent. We will also provide employee training and internal audits as measures to comply with such actions.
2. Compliance with laws and regulations
The governing law that we observe is Japanese law. In handling personal information, our company will confirm and comply with laws and regulations, such as the Personal Information Protection Law, and guidelines, ordinances, and other norms set by the government, such as related guidelines.
3. Implementing security measures to protect personal information
In order to ensure that personal information is handled safely and appropriately, a management system has been organized as a personal information protection management system led by a personal information protection manager. We strive to prevent loss, destruction, falsification, damage, and leakage of information. In addition, through daily checks, internal audits, etc., inappropriate handling will be detected at an early stage, the cause will be scrutinized, and efforts will be made to correct and prevent recurrence.
4. Complaints and consultations regarding the handling of personal information
We will set up a "personal information consultation service" as a point of contact for complaints and consultations regarding the handling of personal information, and will respond promptly without delay with respect for the will of the individual.

Isumi City Farm Stay / Inbound Promotion Council
Enactment date April 1, 2020