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For those looking for accommodation in Isumi City

How can I search for accommodations?
You can search for accommodation by searching. In Tourism Isumi, please search and search from the TOP page or the details page of each accommodation facility. Enter the arrival date, departure date, and number of reservations from the calendar on the top page, and click the "Search" button to search.
I want to know more about the room
You can check the details of the property.In addition to the introduction of the property, you can check the photos of the room and the facilities and equipment of the property.
What amenities are available in the room?
Depending on the inn, there are various facilities available for accommodation.Tourism Isumi offers a wide variety of accommodations, but amenities will depend on accommodations.Amenities such as shampoo, rinse, body soap and toothbrush may not be available at all properties.Please check in advance on the property details page.